East & Central Brighton Primary Care Network

The new GP contract was published in early 2019 as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. A key element of the new contract is the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) which bring GP practices together with other local services – such as community, mental health, social care and the voluntary sector to look after local populations. PCNs help to join up services at a local level, focusing on the specific needs of these local populations, with patients still accessing routine GP appointments as they do now.

Our Primary Care Network

Within our area -East and Central Brighton- 9 GP practices have joined together to form the East and Central Brighton PCN. These GP practices are:

Our surgery teams are working closely with each other, enjoying the ability to share expertise, resources, and to develop new services. Our vision is to continue to improve the quality of care that we provide in alignment with the need of our patient population. 

Our main three PCN Principles are: 

Proportionate Universalism: Improving the health of those with the greatest need, fastest.

Integrating Care: Acting as a bridge between primary care, community services and individuals, to bring healthcare into the community.

Supporting Primary Care: Reducing pressures on primary care by increasing capacity, supporting with clinical targets and providing holistic, preventative healthcare.

What are Primary Care Networks?

PCNs build on current primary care services and enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care. Clinicians describe this as a change from reactively providing appointments to proactively providing care for the people and communities they serve. Where emerging PCNs are in place in parts of the country, there are clear benefits for patients and clinicians. PCNs usually have a 30-50k population and are geographically contiguous (next to or touching another). All GP practices in our area are expected to sign up to be a member of a PCN.  You can read the NHS England PCN FAQs here.


Extended Access Service

Through our partnership with Brighton and Hove Federation, patients now have access to additional appointments from 18.30 to 20.00 weekdays and 09.00 to 17.00 Saturday and Sunday.  These include remote and face to face GP appointments as well as appointments with a nurse, pharmacist or health care assistant.  Specialist clinics are also being planned (e.g. menopause).

Please refer to the Federations website https://www.brightonandhovefed.co.uk/enhanced-access for updates.  Access to these clinics is by contacting the surgery in the normal way.   These appointments might be held at a different location to the surgery and are subject to availability.

Privacy Policy

The PCN policy can be found here.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We have zero tolerance for discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of race, social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or religion.

This is to ensure the safety of everyone who is on our sites.

We will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour towards anyone on site – including patients, staff, and visitors.

If anyone fails to comply with this policy, they will be expected to leave the premises for the continued safety of those present.

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